Spiewak prides itself on having served the public service and industrial market for over 110 years. Here are some videos I edited, showcasing Spiewak’s police and firefighter uniforms:

Edited at A76 Productions, with Stephen Venezia and Sara Ballesteros

KLM Air France

This spot really lets you know how much thoughtful design goes into your seating and cutlery on a KLM plane. I edited this at Mustache Agency as part of their “Holland. The Original Cool.” campaign.

I edited this video for KLM Air France in which the SVP, Marnix Fruitema, acts out adventures in front of a green screen, in an effort to humorously educate the employees at Air France about the importance of launching new products, being innovative and moving fast.

I had the opportunity to edit another video featuring the KLM Air France SVP, Marnix. This video was created to show the value of the KLM Air France partnership with Delta, highlighting their new products to a huge and crucial audience. After showing this video at a conference, KLM Air France and Delta announced the hashtag #AFKLDLBestFriends, so the Best Friends message lived on. 

Blue State Digital

Blue State Digital worked with the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care to increase awareness and forge a digital strategy aimed at activating a community around imminent threats to hospitals nationally.

I edited two videos at Blue Sate Digital with with Jared Houseman, showing the importance of a hospital in a small town.

Hospital Heroes: Moore, OK – FINAL GRADED from Blue State Digital on Vimeo.

Hospital Heroes: Joplin, MO – FINAL GRADED from Blue State Digital on Vimeo.