The video will feature Despot, beating himself up, as he performs his track.

We open to a POV shot from the perspective of a person quickly walking over to Alec on the street. The person’s fist enters the frame, heading for Alec’s face.

We cut to the reverse shot, and it’s Alec punching towards the camera (Alec). Body double Alec runs off and we see Alec from his POV.

We only see the POV camera angles, so Alec’s “body double” will just have to wear the same outfit. It’s just a matter of getting the reverse shot of Alec, and there we have Alec attacking Alec in various ways.

These attacks will happen throughout the video. Some examples:

-Alec throws a rock at Alec from the rooftop of a building

-Alec rides a bike over to Alec and smashes a beer bottle on his head

-Alec gives Alec the finger from the window of a moving car

-Alec kicks Alec in the balls

Caine on Caine